What is Elearning Unlocked?

Elearning Unlocked is a year-long blended learning programme designed to give you everything you need to design great elearning.

Packed with practical advice based on proven research and commercial experience.

Designed specifically for charities by experts in charity elearning, this programme is an opportunity for you to unlock your potential with support every step of the way.



Hours per month

3-5 hours



Start date

January 2024

What are you waiting for?


  • Apply a range of instructional design theories when designing elearning.
  • Establish industry project management processes in your organisation.
  • Work effectively with subject matter experts.
  • Design high-quality elearning that focuses on outcomes.
  • Conduct evaluations of your elearning programmes to assess their effectiveness and impact.
  • Develop connections with other people designing elearning.

Need to convince your boss? Download this PDF that sets out the programme benefits and explains how it will help you in your role.

Who's running the show?

Gill Chester wearing an elearning unlocked t-shirt

Elearning Unlocked is a programme designed and written by Gill Chester, with a lot of help from her colleagues at Little Man Project. A company dedicated to creating engaging elearning that drives change within the charity sector.